Persistent Faith

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Read Luke 8: 40-56. This passage relates the account of a desperate woman whose healing was the result of great and persistent faith. Her illness made her unclean and disqualified her from mixing with the crowds of people, yet she was certain that “if only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well” (Mark 5:28). Jesus did not rebuke her, but delayed His mission to the home of Jairus, whose daughter was dying, in order to assure her healing and salvation.

Persistent faith illustrates the need to be bold in what you believe and not to be deterred by circumstances or discouraged by people. Persistent faith will get God’s attention, it will stop Him in His tracks. Jesus said, “Who touched Me…? ” (Luke 8:45).  Persistent faith puts you in the presence of God Almighty whereas you can declare a thing and expect spiritual breakthroughs and immediate manifestation of what you are believing God to do for you (v. 47). Prayer, praise and worship creates an atmosphere of faith, “without faith it is impossible to please Him…” (Heb.11:6) . Expectancy creates an atmosphere for miracles to be released (v.48).

Are you believing God for a miracle today? Then create the atmosphere that will release the power of God in your present situation. You’ve tried everything, but it didn’t work. Come close to God, get in His presence, touch Him and receive what you need from Him. “Somebody touched Me, for I perceived power going out from Me” (Luke 8: 46).  Your persistent faith will make you well. Touch Him!